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The Skycore Group is an innovative Australian owned company with offices throughout Australia and Vietnam. Skycore consists of a number of divisions, entities and trademarks providing manufacture, wholesale distribution and services throughout the world.

This website provides details of each of the Group’s entities. Each entity has its own independent website and you can navigate through to the specific site of choice.

Investment opportunity

The Skycore Group is a small, dynamic, entrepreneurial company with many concept and start up projects at various stages of development. Expressions of interest from suitable partners and investors are welcome.

We welcome interest from:

- Venture capitalists
- Investors
- Partners
- Organisations requiring additional business concepts or projects
- Joint venture organisations
- Individuals looking for new opportunities.
To express your interest please email:

About us

Established in 2004 in Australia, The Skycore Group has offices in Vietnam and Australia. Skcyore first commenced operation in the safety and environmental industry. The principles of Skycore have considerable experience in wholesale, manufacture, business management, consultancy and marketing.

Today, Skycore has multiple divisions, globally recognised brands and support mechanisms to assist companies around the globe.

Services:Skycore provides consultancy services to companies in Australia and Vietnam including but not limited to:

about us

- Product sourcing, coordination and quality assurance services
- Company start up, branding and trademarking
- Sales and marketing
- Manufacture and production coordination
- Shipping and warehousing
- New business start up
- New product development
- Website design, development and graphic design

Products: Skycore provides the following categories of products

- Wholesale spill response equipment, spill kits and spill absorbents
- Wholesale cleaning and safety equipment
- Virogard® hand sanitiser
- Vinbrant® interior décor range
- Zudeco® outdoor décor, tanks, screens wall art, sculpture

Websites: Skycore provides a number of advertising platforms via customised product specific websites:

- Vietnam trading post
- Vietnam real estate
- Baby sitter directory Vietnam
- Vietnam travel directory
- World – wide – wedding – directory
- Friends that click

Mission statement: The Skycore Group aim to provide high quality products and services throughout the globe and to assist its clients in achieving maximum results via ongoing support.

Skycore business services

Together with having its own operation, Skycore Business services assist other companies, businesses or sole traders in the following areas:

- Product design and development
- Product sourcing and manufacture
- Branding / trade marking
- Packaging
- Marketing
- Design and printing of promotional material and electronic media
- Website design and development

The thought of starting a business can be overwhelming for many people. Lots of people dream of owning their own business and working for themselves, often sacrificing secure salaries in order to embark on the unknown path of self-fulfilment otherwise known as “self-employment”.

If you have an idea, concept, product or service and don’t know where to start, how to market or have never operated a business before, Skycore business services can assist with valuable tips and advice based on practical experience, not on text book business theory.

Our consultants work with you and are on call to answer any questions you have at any time throughout the process. Skycore service fees are very affordable and instead of eating into your start-up funds, Skycore can instead assist your start-up operation on the basis of realising a return once your business is making money.

Existing operations:

If you have an existing operation, have you ever considered having an extra opinion or appraisal done by an independent organisation? Great results can be achieved by having an outsider looking into your business.

Been operating for years and run out of drive, motivation or lack ideas as to where to direct your business? Entrepreneurship cannot be taught in school or university. It is a natural talent and ability to be able to identify, create and capitalise on opportunities.

Skycore can assist in creating ideas and opportunities for your company. In as little as a one hour discussion with you or your organisation we can provide ideas and concepts that may result in the “next big thing” for your organisation.

The Skycore Group ( Australia)

  • Spillfix International:

    Established in 2004, Spillfix International is a prominent manufacturer and wholesale provider of spill response equipment. With distributors throughout Australia and Asia Pacific, Spillfix provides premium quality wholesale Spill kits, spill absorbents, spill pads, spill booms, bunding and over 350 spill containment products

  • Absorbents Direct

    Bulk supply of spill response absorbent, Spill absorbent, Spill pads, spill booms, spill kits, specialist spill equipment throughout Australasia

  • Zorbe

    Specialist absorbents including: Spillzorbe industrial absorbent, organic floor sweep absorbent, indoor spill absorbent, bio waste spill absorbent, paint spill absorbent, BBQ fat absorbent, Permawet granular soil wetting agent.

  • Zudeco®

    “The Brand” in wholesale only and export of innovative home, office and corporate décor. Australian designed and engineered outdoor furniture, indoor screens, outdoor screens, interior décor, outdoor décor, rain water tanks, giant urns, self watering planters, giant light weight bowls, herb planters, outdoor wall art and customised sculpture

  • Vinbrant®

    Wholesale only and export of interior home décor products. Vinbrant is a new brand of quality high end home decoration products. Customised indoor sculpture.

  • Worldwide wedding directory

    Global directory for providers of wedding information from all around the world. If you are looking to have an international wedding or to get married overseas then this directory will enable you to locate all the providers you need in one simple place. Free to use and free to advertise

  • Nushine® cleaning supplies

    Wholesale and bulk supply of cleaning chemicals, paper products, brush ware and associated cleaning products

  • Commission agent directory

    This is a “dating site” for commission agents and companies seeking to engage commission agents in Australia. If you are a company looking for a commission agent then you can advertise for the type of person you are seeking. If you are a freelance commission agent seeking new opportunities then you can post your resume and attract suitable companies.

  • Allureglow

    A world leader in photoluminescent technology. Allure Glow provides a wide range of glow in the dark products including photoluminescent pigment, glow paint, glow in the dark tape, reflective glow tape, glow rocks, glow pebbles, glow in the dark master batch and much more. With over 10 years of experience in photoluminescents, Allure glow is light years ahead

  • Permawet

    NEW superior grade granular wetting agent / soil conditioner. With a high concentration of top end surfactant, Permawet is dynamic, long lasting and cost effective. Skycore is the managing agent for Permawet in Australia. Bulk supply of wetting agent only.

  • Spillvac

    Air operated vacuum with no pump or moving parts. The intrinsically safe air operated vacuums come in a number of sizes. Perfect for decanting liquids, draining tanks and sumps. Pick up of liquids and semi liquids from floor surfaces and holding tanks

  • Virostop®

    Australian made, Alcohol free hand sanitiser with Aloe Vera. Suitable for protection against 99.9% of all germs. Perfect for schools, prisons, airports, ships and shopping centres because it contains zero alcohol.
    Automatic dispensers and stands available

  • Friends that click®

    Global social network to bring together people from all around the world. This site is perfect for people: seeking friends overseas, looking for social activities to attend anywhere in the world, looking for international events, looking for pen pals, seeking social groups and activities internationally.

  • Skycore Web Services

    Professional website design and web site development. Whatever the nature of the website is that you want to develop, the Skycore development team will achieve the results you want. We approach each website from a business perspective, not merely a development perspective. Skycore gets to know your business before commencement of design and development.

  • Allure Safety

    Wholesale supply of safety associated products including decontamination equipment, safety storage cabinets, safety showers, PPE, Spill response equipment and spill absorbents

  • Nile8 wholesale fire equipment

    Wholesale supply of fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire extinguisher cabinets, fire extinguisher brackets and signage

  • Vietnam Australia Trading

    Import and export co ordination between Vietnam. Translation services, manufacture coordination, product souring, supplier and customer negotiation, warehousing. Catering for Vietnamese and Australian companies seeking products and services abroad.

  • Vinbrant® - Sport Clothing Manufacture

    If you are looking for a manufacturer of customised high quality, international standard sports apparel for your club, event or workplace then Vinbrant® has the solution. Specialising in the production, wholesale and customisation of sports apparel, Skycore has offices and facilities in  Vietnam and Australia.

  • Private Collection Art work

    Welcome to Private collection artwork where you can buy and sell fine art and collectable artwork around the world. Buyers and sellers deal directly with each other with no middlemen or commission agents. Your art is advertised on the site until sold or until you remove your advertisement. There are no time limits and you can edit your advertisement at any time.

  • Worldwide Babysitter Directory

    Whether you are travelling around the world, need a night off, require a casual baby sitter or a full time carer for your children, the baby sitter directory will enable you to locate a care professional anywhere in the world.

  • Need This Domain

    Need this domain where you can purchase existing domain names directly from the domain name owner without paying any commissions. Then, you just need to contact sellers directly, negotiate and arrange for the transfer of the domain themselves.

Skycore (Vietnam)

  • Real Estate 1

    Skycore Realestate & Skycore Bat Dong San ®

    This site has been developed as a central advertising platform for Real Estate agents and general public to advertise and promote properties and businesses for sale in Vietnam. Our aim is to provide Vietnam’s largest resource for Real estate and to give purchasers a quality website where they can browse properties and businesses for sale throughout Vietnam without the need to go to hundreds of websites.

  • Vietnam Trading Post ( Mua Van Ban Vietnam)

    This is a free website for individuals to advertise items for sale and for people to search for items to buy.
    There are options for businesses to also promote and sell their products on the site

  • Skycore Safety

    Bulk wholesale supply of spill response equipment and PPE in Vietnam. Safety products, safety work wear, protective gloves, protective eyewear, hearing protection.
    Wholesale only distribution and premium supplier of Australian standard safety products in Vietnam

  • Skycore Security Systems

    CCTV, safety and security systems for home, office, factory or warehouse in Vietnam.
    Wholesale supply

  • Nushine cleaning supplies Vietnam

    wholesale cleaning chemicals and clothes distributed throughout Vietnam

  • Pots Vietnam

    Consolidated container supply of pots and handycraft.
    Based in Vietnam, pots Vietnam has partnered with the top manufacturers of pots, water features, urns, handy craft, furniture and planters in Vietnam
    Container consolidation, LCL, FCL container shipments factory direct to clients all around the world. Quality management and assurance by western management

  • Spillfix Vietnam

    Wholesale spill and pollution response equipment. Absorbent pads, booms, spill kits, absorbents, advice and consultancy.

  • Vietnam Baby Sitter

    This site is enables baby sitters and parents to connect efficiently. Find a baby sitter in Vietnam or advertise your services as a baby sitter on the site. Whether you are in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Nha Trang, Danang, Dalat, Daklak or anywhere in Vietnam, this is the best place to locate a carer, baby sitter or nanny for your child.

  • Vietnam Travel Directory

    Vietnam Travel Directory provides a guide on the best Vietnam has to offer abd contains contact details for independent tourism providers in Vietnam. You will be dealing directly with the provider whose contact details appear on the site.

  • Vietnam house keeping

    Expats living overseas and professional people who need to travel a lot for their work need reliable people. This site is enables housekeepers, Nanny’s, caretakers, housekeepers and labourers to connect efficiently to people requiring such services.


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  • Dairy Range brochure part 1 (brochure) part 2 (brochure) part 3 (brochure)

  • Realestate Brochure

  • Vietnam sourcing and trading brochure

  • Liquid Wetting Agent

  • Dust Suppressant

  • Web development brochure

  • Zorbe indoor spill absorbent

  • Vinbrant® Sports Clothing Manufacture

Contact us

For more information please contact our office or email your requirements to us. Once we have an overview of your requirements we will be able to provide you with proposal.

Australian head office
5 / 308 Kororoit Creek Rd
Williamstown, Vic, 3016 Australia
Ph. +61 3 9397 6644 Fax: +61 3 9397 6544

Vietnam head office
791 / 17A Tran Xuan Soan St.,
Tan Hung Ward, Dist. 7, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Ph. +84 8 37755 650